It seemed to Rob and me that his  Panzerkampfwagen VG ("Panther") was doomed.  Outflanked by bazooka toting squad and a bazooka toting  half squad rear and side shots seemed imminent.  A sense of doom seemed to be the order of the day.  However, Rob (Captain "Blau" Burtonius A.K.A Seargent Mayhem) steeled himself during the Rally.  He started the Prep Fire Phase by turning his VCA one click counter clockwise and firing a high explosives shell from his 75 mm Main Armament.  The To Hit modifiers were +3 for changing VCA, +1 mist, +1 buttoned up, -2 point blank.  Rob needed a 5 to hit.  He rolled a seven, but it turned out that he had a 10-2 armor leader in the Panther.  He then rolled a Normal Morale Check for the effects on the IFT.  But the American half squad passed.  Rob then intensive fired his main gun taking the now much greater risk of breaking the main armament.  His modifiers this time were +2 intesive fire, +1 mist, +1 buttoned up, -2 point blank, -1 acquisition, and -2 for his leader.  This time he needed a 9 or less to hit and a 4 or less to get a critical hit.  He got the hit, but not the critical.  Then he managed to get a 2MC, breaking the half squad.  He then continued turning the VCA two more clicks and fired his machine guns on the full squad.  He barely managed to get a NMC with a 4, which the Americans proceeded to fail.  Of course in the end the presence of Captain Burtonius and his amazing Panzer skills saved the day.  The two white counters featuring soldier silohuettes on top are the two surrendered American units.
Photos by Bob the American
Saving a Panther in Clash at Stoumont: KGP Action in Southwest Houston