Ferocity Fest 2005 Semi Open Team Tournament Rules:

To qualify each player must play a minimum of three PTO scenarios from the Ferocity Fest 2005 scenario list.  

Tournament Champion:
The Ferocity Fest 2005 Championship will be given to the player who has qualified and has the best record at the end of the FF05SOTTR.  In the event of a tied record the player with the hardest schedule will be the champion.  The FF05 Champion will receive a copy of BRT.

There will be four teams.  Probably 2-3 players per team.  Teams should be based on players who play each other the most often.   Note: there is a distinct disadvantage to putting all the veteran players on the same team.  It will make it more likely that the other teams will have the harder schedule.  The winning team will receive free FF05 T-shirts.

Scenario Categories:
The scenarios are divided into 6 categories (British/Dutch, Chinese/Thai, USMC, USA, Philippines ’42, Airborne/Seaborne/Caves).  Each team must play one scenario from each category.  It is up to the players how they want to divide these up.  Note: if a team has three players then they can divide the category play 2/2/2 or 1/2/3.  However, each player must still play the mandatory 3 games (nine for the team) to qualify.  The remaining scenario(s) may be freely played from any categories.   

When players from two opposing teams sit down to play each other they must agree to a scenario.  Since teams are not based on nationality either player may play either side.  They may agree any of the scenarios on the FF05 list.  They may agree to give one side the balance.  If a scenario goes over 6 hours it is well within the rights of either player to demand that the scenario conclude.  If players cannot agree to an outcome they may declare the scenario a draw.  Draws do count toward the FF05 record; however, they count as half a loss for both players and both teams.

Players may decide to roll dice to determine the winner.

All FF games are mandatory ladder games.  This is regardless of balance, scenario, or even the terms that the players set out at the beginning.  There are no exceptions.

Taisho Bigguhausu Akaguroi

Ferocity Fest 2005 Scenario List