Imperial Japanese Flag

The Houston Half Squads
Presents the 2nd Annual 
ASL Team Tournament
November 14 - 16, 2003, Houston, Texas
Japanese vs. USMC
Tomball College, room S171

USMC Emblem

Type 95 Ha Go

M4 Sherman

For three days, two 
teams will shatter
the tranquil 
calm of the
in some
of the 
warfare in war-
gaming history and 
AdvancedSquad Leader. 

Ferocity Fest 2003will see action in the fillowing places.
Guadalcanal,August 19, 1942, in First Matanikau [HS1] Map
Guadalcanal,October 23, 1942, in The Sand Pit [HS11]  Map
Tarawa, November 23, 1943, in Rikusentai [BRT4]
Bougainville, November 22, 1943, in Cibik's Ridge [67] and
Peleliu, September 15, 1944 in Storming the Point [LN2-5] Map and Scenario Card

1st Annual          

Ferocity Fest 2002

Houston Half Squads

Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) is a WWII Avalon Hill tactical level board wargame published by Hasbro/Multi-Man Publishing

The Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go (on the left) and the Sherman M4M2 (on the right) will be seeing action on the beaches of Guadalcanal and Tarawa. Both tanks have been adjusted to make them of comparable scale.

To make reservations contact Roy Casagranda at the address contained in the Tank Hunter Hero below.

Tournament format:
We will open Friday, 10:30 AM for Open Game play.  Early arrivals may freely play each other in any theater.  This is true for any free time over the weekend that is not part of tournament play. 
There will be a Japanese and a USMC team.  Team competition will be Houston vs. Guests or if there are not enough guests North Houston vs. South Houston with the guests evenly distributed.  The sides that each team will play will be determined in some random fashion at the Tournament's start.  The teams will compete in five rounds to determine the team championship and the 10-2/10-3 (First place player) and the 10-1/10-2 (Second place player) awards (there will only be one first place and one second place award for the whole tournament). 
Round one will begin Friday evening at 6:00 PM. 
Saturday we will play rounds two, three, and four. 
On Sunday we will finish the Tournament with the Championship round from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
We will also have ASL Bingo.  Only open Game scenarios that feature Japanese vs. USMC and Tournament scenarios can be counted towards ASL Bingo. 
There will be a $10.00 fee for Tournament play.  This may be paid at the door or in advance.  T-shirts will also be available; price and details will be announced as soon as I have them, Rob.

Proposed  Teams
Ferocity Fest 2003 Results

The LVT4

This landing craft will be featured in Storming the Point.