ASL 2 (Mila 18) The German must perform the Mopping Up procedure in a building in order to claim it for Victory Condition purposes, even if they Control all of its Locations. {96}

ASL 3 (The Czerniakow Bridgehead) Each unit eliminated due to SSR 2 counts as Casualty VP. {96}

ASL 4 (The Commissarís House) In SSR 3, the Russians should have Level A Booby Trap capability--not Level C. {96}

ASL 8 (The Fugitives) In SSR 1 change "pre-designate" to "secretly record". {96}

ASL 8 (The Fugitives) Re SSRs 1 and 7, which one is resolved first?

A. The German secretly records his entry hex, the Russian player then places his Rubble counters, and the German then reveals his entry hex. {96}

ASL 9 (To The Square) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8-not 5/6/7. In SSR 4, allow the German HMG (as well as the MMG) to use Bore Sighting. {96}

ASL 20 (Taking The Left Tit) The Victory Conditions should read: "The Americans win if at game end they have Exited >= four Good Order squads (or their equivalent) off the north edge of board 2 and currently have more Good Order squads (or their equivalent) on level 2 hex(es) than the Germans." {96}

ASL 21 (Among The Ruins) U.S. Tanks do not count towards the Victory Conditions. {96}

ASL 26 (Tanks In The Street) In the second line of the Victory Conditions, change "by" to "at". {96}

ASL 33 (The Cossacks Are Coming) For Victory Condition purposes, the 50mm mortar has a FP value of "3". The Cossack LMG has a FP value of "3". {96}

ASL 41 (A Bridgehead Too Wet) Change the British Balance Provision to read, "In the Victory Conditions, change '>=7' to '>=8'." The Class on the German HS counter illustration should be "[E]", not "1". {96}

ASL 47 (Rude Awakening) "-1 0/2PP" and "-1 2/3PP" on the Motorcycle counter illustrations should be "M10 0PP -1" and "M9 3PP -1" respectively. {96}

ASL 48 (Toujours LíAudace) In SSR 5, change "German...hostile" to "Germans are in a hostile, and the Belgians in a friendly,". {96}

ASL 49 (Piercing The Peel) In the Victory Conditions, change "by" to "at". {96}

ASL 50 (Age-Old Foes) On the Wagon counter illustration, "M>=6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and there should be two starts (not one). {96}

ASL 50 (Age-Old Foes) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8, not 5/6/7. {96}

ASL 52 (Too Little, Too Late) "-1 0/2PP" on the Cycle counter illustration should be "M10 0PP -1". {96}

ASL 53 (A High Price To Pay) The LMG counter shown in the British OB should be British--not Axis Minor. The British light mortar shown should be the standard (range 2-11)--not the Airborne-version. {96}

ASL 54 (Bridge To Nowhere) The Class on both Russian HS counter illustrations should be "[1]", not "1". {96}

ASL 54 (Bridge To Nowhere) For Victory Condition purposes, the 50mm mortar has a FP value of "3". {96}

ASL 56 (Half A Chance) The DVP values (F.3) are missing from the gun and vehicle counter illustrations. Rules D13.3 and D13.32 of the 1989 Errata supercede SSR 5. {96}

ASL 58 (Ci Arrendiamo) The DVP values (F.3) are missing from the British gun and vehicle counter illustrations. "-1 2/3PP" on the sidecar counter illustration should be "M9 3PP -1". {96}

ASL 76 (End Of The Ninth) The French armored cars should not have AAMG. {96}

ASL 79 (Bridge Of The Seven Planets) In SSR 1, change "Hill 486" to "Hill 520". Regarding SSR 3, if the leader in 40oD1 undergoes Heat of Battle, the result is always treated as Battle Hardening. {96}

ASL 86 (Fighting Back) The contact number shown on the scenario card for the Polish radio should be 7, as is shown on the actual radio counter. {J1}

ASL 89 (Rescue Attempt) In SSR 2 replace overlays RR3 & RR4 with RR11 & RR12 (the 6 hex ElRR overlays). [Consider overlapping a hex of the two GLRR overlays (RR1 & RR2) which will help keep all of overlay RR1 on the board.] {J1}

DASL 5 (Little Stalingrad) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8, not 5/6/7. {96}

DASL 15 (Barkmannís Corner) All U.S. units must enter in one Convoy and one Column. {96}

DASL 17 (Theyíre Coming!) At the end of the American setup instructions "board f or g" should read "board f or h". In line 3 of SSR 1, change "dr" to "DR". {96}

ASL RB2 (Blood & Guts) In Victory Condition "b)", change "initially...Russian" to "within the Russian setup area". {96}

ASL RB6 (Turned Away) The German Dummy counters set up IN gully hexes despite the fact that the latter are not Concealment Terrain. {96}

ASL KGP2 (Festung St. Edouard) In SSR 4, add "(HE/WP)" after "OBA" in line 1, add "(HE/SMOKE)" after "OBA" in line 2, and delete "and may fire HE/SMOKE". {96}

ASL KGP5 (Marechalís Mill) The Jeep with the 4FP AAMG should have a ROF of 2 on the scenario card. {96}

ASL KGP6 (Probing The Villas) Replace one U.S. dm MMG with a U.S. dm HMG in the U.S. OB. {96}

ASL KGP10 (Peiperís Last Gasp) The German SAN should be 2. {96}

ASL A (The Guards Counterattack) A7.72 supercedes SSR 2. {96}

ASL B (The Tractor Works) A7.72 supercedes SSR 2. {96}

ASL C (The Streets Of Stalingrad) A7.72 supercedes SSR 3. The date, of course, should read "1942". {96}

ASL D (The Hedgehog Of Piepsk) A7.72 supercedes SSR 4. {96}

ASL J (The Bitche Salient) In SSR 4, the 80+mm OBA should have normal ammunition. {96}

ASL R (Burzevo) The last sentence of SSR 4 reads "The 88L FlaK Gun must be set up adjacent to a building hex." {96}

ASL S (The Whirlwind) In SSR 5, change "German...friendly" to "Germans are in a friendly, and the Americans in a hostile,". {96}

ASL U (Chance D'une Affair) In SSR 4 change "the MPh" to "Movement Phases". {97}

ASL G4 (First Action) In SSR 3, delete "all". {96}

ASL G7 (Bring Up The Guns) On the Wagon counter illustration, "M>6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and there should be two stars (not one). {96}

ASL G8 (Recon In Force) In the Victory Conditions, change "" to "currently Control one of those buildings and their Casualty VP is >= triple that of the Axis side." {96}

ASL G9 (Sunday Of The Dead) The DVP values (F.3) should be printed in red, not black. {96}

ASL G26 (Parker's Crossroads) In the Victory Conditions change "and/or" to "and" (i.e. the Americans win if there is either a Good Order U.S. MMC, or a manned U.S. AFV with any functioning armament, or both, within 6 hexes of 43N8). {97}

G45 (Halha River Bridge) The counter depiction on the scenario card of the 37* INF Gun in the Russian OB incorrectly shows it as having IFE. {J1}

ASL T5 (The Pouppeville Exit) In the German setup instructions, change "Locations" to "hexes". {96}

ASL T7 (Hill 253.5) The Germans may set up north of the road that determines the setup areas but not on it. {96}

ASL T9 (The Niscemi-Biscari Highway)In the German setup instructions, change "5Q5" to 5Q6". {96}

ASL T13 (Commando Raid At Dieppe) The German units in 4R1 should set up in 5R1. {96}

ASL T15 (The Akrotiri Peninsula) The two 4-5-7 and the two leaders that belong to the 151st heavy AA Battery are not bound by SSR 4. {97}

DASL A (To The Last Man) Add "Buildings cH2, aK2, and bE1 are Factories" to the end of SSR 5. {96}

ASL A6 (The Price Of Impatience) "-1 2/3PP" on the sidecar counter illustration should be "M9 3PP -1". {96}

ASL A11 (Silent Death) Finnish OB text should read: "27th Sissi Company [ELR 5] enters on turn 1 on any/all board edge(s), expending no more than half their MF allotment." {96}

ASL A24 (Regalbuto Ridge) In SSR 4, add "as if the gun were a mortar" after "apply", and add "Range is drawn from any west edge hex of board 3 (the firer may choose any such hex when he declares each shot)." after "malfunction.". {96}

ASL A53 (Smith & Weston) The Annual 93a scenario entitled "Smith & Weston" should be ASL Scenario "A53", not "53". {96}

ASL A54 (The Raate Road) The Finnish ATR should be a 20L Lahti-not the 20LL depicted. The Russian radio counter depiction should have Contact values of 6/7/8-not 5/6/7. {96}

ASL A60 (Tosugeki!) Both Chinese MMG Strength Factors should be "4-10". {96}

ASL A63 (Action At Balberkamp) The German cross in the Turn 2 box of the Turn Record chart should be in the Turn 3 box, and the British roundel should be in the Turn 2 box. {96}

ASL A69 (Broich Bash) Rotate the north arrow 180 degrees. {96}

ASL A72 (Italian Brothers) The Republican "Balance" should read: "Delete SSR 5." {96}

ASL A72 (Italian Brothers) In the Republican OB change "SSR 1" to "SSR 5" and change "or on south of hexrow C" to "on/south of hexrow C". {J1}

ASL A73 (Not Out Of The Woods Yet) The Americans set up first and move first. {96}

ASL A76 (Night Drop) The American "Balance" should read: "Delete SSR 5." {96}

ASL A76 (Night Drop) In the German Balance, change "turn 4" to "turn 2". {97}

ASL A77 (Hide & Seek) Rotate board 14 180 degrees.

ASL A79 (Mike Red) Change the Allied nationality in the Turn Record Chart from "British" to "Canadian". Delete the bracketed total MMC BPV in the Turn Record Chart; Battlefield Integrity never applies to the Assaulting side in a Seaborne Assault. {96}

ASL A81 (They Fired On OdessaÖ) The Russians enter along the west edge. {96}

ASL A82 (Orange At Walawbum) Add three 50mm mortars to the Japanese OB. {96}

ASL A82 (Orange At Walawbum) In the American setup instructions, change "37S9-37S10" to "36S9-36S10". {97}

ASL A84 (Endless Struggle) Only hexrows B-FF are playable. {96}

ASL A85 (Airborne Samurai) Game length is 7 1/2 turns. Also, delete the first sentence of SSR 3. {96}

ASL A86 (Fighting Sparrow) Since the Japanese Morale is underlined in this scenario (SSR 3), these units are not subject to Unit Substitution. {97}

ASL A87 (The Grand Canal) Victory Conditions should read as follows: "The Japanese win if they Control >=30 printed stone buildings at game end; the 41U5 bridge is the equivalent of 5 stone buildings." {96}

ASL A88 (Surprise Encounter) Rotate the North arrow 90 degrees clockwise; rotate board 34 180 degrees; rotate board 32 180 degrees. {96}

ASL A90 (Cutting Out A Strongpoint) The South African roundel in the Turn Record Chart should be in turn 5 instead of turns 3 and 4. The DVP values for the South African vehicles should be listed in red; the 2pdr Portees are worth 4 DVP each and the Marmon-Herrington ACs are worth 3 DVP each. {96}

ASL A96 (In Rommel's Wake) Add to the end of SSR 4, "A Set DC may use HIP and would lose HIP status as a Fortification". SSR 6 should read "The German cycle counters represent bicycles (D15.8) which may portage one MG when in squad size". {97}

ASL A99 (To Clear A Roadblock) The scenario card erroneously shows the German le PaK 41 anti-tank gun as having a 3 ROF; as depicted on the counter and in the Ordnance Notes, this weapon only has a 2 ROF. {97}

ASL A105 (Police Action) In SSR 2 (and the board configuration) change "overlay 1" to "overlay 2". {J1}

ASL A114 (Hamlet's Demise) SSR 1 The wind blows from the southwest. {J1}

Scenarios A115-A118 (see also entries for Nhpum Ga mapsheet in MAPS): {J1}

SSR 1: All Interior Jungle hexes are Dense, but in most cases, however, the "oversized colored center dot" in a Jungle hex designates Light Jungle [EXC: hexes U9-U11].
SASL Mission (The Fortress) The board 21 objective should be Z6 rather than P7, and the footnote applies to building Z6. {J1}

DASL A2 (Last Act In Lorraine) There are, of course, 11 two-story buildings. Change references to "seven" in the VC and American Balance Provision to "eleven". {96}

DASL A4 (The Island) The North arrow should point to the right-not to the top-of the scenario card. {96}

DASL A12 (Tussle At Thomashof) Add on Churchill VII to the British OB. {97}

HASL A1 (Fire On The Volga) Add "[EXC: for Victory Condition purposes only, the river is not flooded]" to the end of SSR 1. {96}

PB5 (Taylor Made Defense) For purposes of PB SSR 14, the forces in the British OB that belong to No. 1 Platoon, Company D, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry consist of a 6-4-8, the 4-5-8, the 2-4-8, and the 8-1. {J1}

ASL AP1 (The Ring) In line 2 of the Victory Conditions change "3 CVP" to "5 CVP". {97}

ASL AP8 (A Bloody Harvest) Delete two Allied Minor LMG from the Polish OB. Polish Elite and 1st Line squads have Assault Fire. {J1}

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