Houston out performed the rest of the tournament at 20-15.
Dallas/Ft. Worth was 14-13.
Central Texas was 36-38.
Non-Texans were 29-33.

Teams out of 22:
1st Chandler-O'Quinn
3rd Casagranda-Connelly
6th Dorre-Seningen
7th Swanson-Tyson, Spencer
10th Harms-Garding
11th Smith-Hailey
16th Gillis-Sanders
17th Eardley-Motes

Personal performances out of 48:
4th Bob Chandler
7th Roy Casagranda
9th Phil Swanson
16th Jay Harms
18th Doyle Motes
22nd Tom Gillis
25th Bill Dorre (Major Johnson winner and runner up for 8-1)
34th Bret Smith
47th Walter Eardley
Houston's Performance at the 11th Annual Austin Team Tournament June 20-22, 2003