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The Houston Half Squads is an Advanced Squad Leader club that meets monthly. 

The HHS is closely linked to
Central Texas ASL (Austin).  Central Texas ASL hosts the Austin ASL Team Tournament, the first weekend after Father's Day.  ASL is a tactical level wargame simulating World War II combat in every theater of operations. ASL was designed by the Avalon Hill Game Company (RIP) and is currently published by MMP.
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For excellent service on buying and pre-ordering ASL materials (both AH/MMP and third party) and other games (not ASL) at a substantial discount contact Alex Key at hobbies747 @ gmail.com.
Some recent KGP Action in Southwest Houston
Houston Half Squads
Advanced Squad Leader
For Houston's Performance at the 11th Annual Austin Team Tournament June 20-22, 2003 click the Tiger II
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